Week 24

This week was all about unpacking and getting back into a routine.


To bring you up to speed — last week we moved from our cozy (aka small) one bedroom apartment into a two bedroom in our same building. The move was a bit chaotic. It happened the day we returned from a family trip to Italy, D got food poisoning, and there were delays due to construction. I’m relieved/happy to say we are officially moved IN and it feels so good that we figured out a way for this little babe to eventually have her own room to sleep in and not be stuck living out of a nook in our living room (which was a very real option we were considering). Gotta love city living.

This week we finally got some time to unpack and get ourselves back into a routine with a full work week after vacation. I also spent some time this week working on the registry since baby shower invites will be going out soon. I have received some awesome lists/spreadsheets/sticky notes/advice from friends and I keep referencing Lucie’s List for reviews, so that has all been really helpful. I am trying to find the balance of figuring out what essentials we need, while keeping things minimal — while it is awesome to have a second room, this is still NYC and we are still super tight on space! Would love any advice you all have.

Here is a little run down of where I am right now. Not sure if I love this format, but seems easy/straightforward for the time being.

Baby Updates (according to the apps) – Baby is now the size of an ear of corn, or according to Pregnant Chicken, a foot long sub! She should be about 1.3 lbs.

I feel/see her kicking throughout the day and night (especially anytime I lie down or eat or drink caffeine!) Her kicks used to feel like little flutters and now they are full on thumps. The other night, she was going so crazy in there that I couldn’t fall asleep. Is this a preview of life with a baby?

Workouts – Running has not been my favorite throughout this pregnancy, but I discovered this little prenatal yoga studio close to my office that I have been loving. Made it there twice this week. I’d love to get some morning walks back in the routine, but that extra hour of sleeping in is essential right now, so we’ll see how that goes.

Symptoms – Overall feeling really great this week. Lots of energy in the mornings, and then I get tired pretty in the early evening (Friday I was asleep by 9). I find myself getting very full quickly these days, and have had to cut back on my portion sizes. If I eat too much in one sitting my stomach gets tight and achey. But then 10 minutes after eating I can be starving. It’s weird! Not something I expected this early on.

What Sounds Good/Bad This Week – No food aversions this week. My diet lately is made up of a lot of: oatmeal, yogurt, toast, eggs, salads, soups, decaf iced coffee, water, La Croix. A lot of my “cravings” are just my normal life, non-pregnant cravings: pumpkin everything, all the coffee, and I am REALLY loving the pumpkin-shaped Reese’s (best chocolate to peanut butter ratio out of all the shapes, in my opinion!)

Sleep – Like every other pregnant lady out there, I am loving my Snoogle pillow. I curl up in that thing and fall asleep in a flash. Sleep overall has been really good. Sometimes I wake up once to pee, but no real insomnia this week.

What I’m Looking Forward To – Continuing to get the apartment unpacked and organized. Also continuing to feel the fun kicks from baby.

Best Moment of the Week – Brunching with friends on Sunday. They are all recent mommas and had lots of helpful advice and stories for me. I also left with a few big bags of maternity clothes (which I am super grateful for — my rotation of clothes at work has gotten very slim!) and teeny tiny adorable newborn clothes. Starting to imagine the little creature in my stomach wearing these clothes makes it all very real!

Overall I am feeling great and more than ever I am realizing how privileged I am to be able to have this experience. Although it is not always comfortable or easy, I am not taking any second of it for granted!

I leave you with this fun shirt my sister sent me. After a week in Italy and living off of take out during the move, I think I just might be growing a pizza in there 😉



10 Photos from a hot NYC weekend

Another hot NYC summer weekend in the books!

This summer has been so different for me. Typically I have spent my summers finding any way possible to escape the city: road trips, beach days, visiting our parents, etc. We always tell people: the whole key to keeping sane while living in NYC is being able to get OUT of the city as much as possible. This summer has kept us close to home and I have to say, I am enjoying the city in the summer! On Friday afternoons everyone cuts out of work early and takes off  to the shore (that’s beach for my New Englanders!), the country, etc, leaving behind a few of us to hold down the fort. There is a calm that falls over the city in a way that is hard to put into words. Everything slows down, the subways aren’t super crowded, and I don’t have to wait 45 min for my Starbucks. It has been nice seeing this contrast to the hustle and bustle that can sometimes feel impossible 🙂

IMG_0328^Tried to run on Saturday morning but my mind wasn’t in it and my body was not loving the heat. I was so sweaty; sunscreen was dripping into my eyes and my headphones kept falling off. I decided to cut myself a break, changed plans, and walked some of my route instead… which led me to this gorgeous butterfly garden! I sat and  watched the world go by and meditated for a bit and it was exactly what I needed.IMG_0341^I spent the day supporting friends at a show. On the way home I picked up supplies for soup and couscous! I know, crazy, why soup with this heat? I had a crop of CSA veggies (broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash) I needed to use up before the next round gets delivered this week.IMG_0347^On Sunday I woke up with no plans — I thought maybe about going to the beach, but was not looking forward to sitting in traffic. I decided instead to go spend the day in the air conditioned Metropolitan Museum of the Arts! Best decision I have made in a long time.

IMG_0370^When I first got there I wasn’t sure where to begin, and ended up wandering around aimlessly for a little bit. Then I found this article which led me to some pretty amazing sites around the museum…. including this Egyptian Temple that was originally located at the Nile River. It was given to the US as a gift for helping to save it from being destroyed in flooding waters. SO COOL.IMG_0389^I gasped when I turned the corner and Washington Crossing the Delaware was right in front of me. (D & I actually spent a few days after our wedding at Washington Crossing in Pennsylvania!) I eavesdropped on a tour guide talking about a lot of inaccuracies in the painting — and she shared that the artist actually painted George Washington’s face from looking at his image on the quarter (which is why we only get a profile).   IMG_0402

^Artist Cornelia Parker was commissioned to create something for the rooftop area of the Met and she came up with this creepy house based off of the house in the movie Psycho. I loved it! The rooftop area includes a bar — I guess they stay open later on Fridays and Saturdays. I need to remember to come back with D (when it is about 25 degrees cooler…)IMG_0406^Made sure to celebrate National Ice Cream DayIMG_0409^Sunday night involved errands, cleaning, ordering Mexican and catching up on The Bachelorette… which was boring, so I switched to “My Crazy Ex Girlfriend” on Netflix. Has anyone seen this show? When the lead broke into song and dance in the streets of New York City, I knew it was right up my alley 🙂

IMG_0412 ^D says hi from the library. I have to say, it has been really nice having some extra me time. I sorta miss my new husband and I can’t wait wait for this exam to be over! We have some fun trips planned for late summer/early fall so lots to look forward to.

Happy Week!

A Durham Weekend

Time for a weekend round up!


This weekend we traveled to Durham, North Carolina to visit our friend Randy for his birthday. We landed at RDU around 8:20, and by 9:00 we were at a fun BBQ spot called The Pit. It was hot out but we couldn’t say no to this pretty outdoor seating and opportunity for people-watching. Erin joined from Boston! We ordered some beers & plates for sharing.
Durham1On Saturday morning I ventured out for a run. I love exploring new places on foot and got way too excited when I ran past a raspberry bush. You’re aren’t in NYC anymore, Dorothy!
Durham3 Saturday we spent the day out on the boat cruising around Falls Lake.Durham4 Durham5 We found a little cove and spent some time floating around, bird watching, relaxing, and catching up. The weather was gorgeous. The view from our cove:Durham6That night we birthday partied. Erin made homemade mojitos.
Durham7 We threw together a few salads and D was in charge of the grill. Durham8 Durham9 These shrimp! The marinade was something like: siracha, lime juice, and honey? Amaze. Durham10We made a funfetti cake and downloaded a candle app on our phones because we forgot to buy real ones (whoops!) Happy Birthday Rand!Durham11 Next morning we all hung out and watched my fav: CBS Sunday Morning. I loved this story about a real life treasure hunt. I also loved this cold brew coffee that we discovered at Sheetz:Durham12 We were having trouble finding plain old black iced coffee and then I spotted this in the refrigerated section. Chameleon Cold-Brew for the win! The plain black coffee hit the spot, and this vanilla flavor pictured here was surprisingly good — just the right amount of very light sweetness. Satisfying substitute for the fresh stuff.

Day 2 we were back out on the lake for skiing (for some) and tubing (for me). It was actually my first time on a tube. Growing up you would have found me below deck reading a book. No water sports for little G! Maybe next time I’ll go crazy and try the skis.Durham13 Durham14 Durham15Ended the weekend with a Hell or High Watermelon toast and flew back in just in time to see the sun start to set over NYC.Durham16Thank you Randy for being born and for having a boat 🙂 If you are playing along, we crossed 3 of our Summer To Do List goals off our list. Pretty productive weekend. And now, it’s back to the grind. Tell me, how was your weekend? x