10 Photos from a G-Tox Weekend


This past weekend was one of my favorite kinds: I got some time to G-Tox! AKA, my own personal form of detox. When I mention this term to anyone they sort of look like I’m crazy… I think maybe because people associate detoxing with alcohol or sugar or think of it as extreme?

For me personally, G-Tox is time I get to spend by myself, with myself. What other people refer to as “me” time. There is nothing very official about it. Often includes yoga, treats, reading, walking in nature… you get the picture! As an introvert, this time for me to re-charge is super important. The G-Tox this weekend was actually unintentional. D was stuck in the library all weekend with studying and as much as I missed him, I got the gift of a weekend all to myself, which is rare these days. I am so happy it worked out this way as I used to do G-Tox all the time, and forgot how wonderful it can be! Here are some photos from the weekend:

IMG_0230^Kicked off the weekend with happy hour with a bestie #yeswayrose IMG_0233^Friday night olympic trials CSA snacks, fresh from the farm. I watched some crazy fast track leading up to the main event: gymnastics! Is anyone else obsessed? Perfect Friday night at home for me 🙂IMG_0239^My predictions documented on snapchatIMG_0246^Pre-Saturday morning 6-miler (!) lobby selfieIMG_0252^Post-run donut to celebrateIMG_0255^A much needed summer cut, which was followed by a night out to celebrate a friend’s birthday.IMG_0262^What facetiming with my niece often looks like these days.IMG_0275^Sunday yoga sesh at a new spot on the Upper East Side. How pretty is this studio!?IMG_0282^Felt that post-yoga bliss and strolled home through the park. I wish this photo has sound effects — it was so calming to hear the sounds of families laughing and kids playing. Such a pretty night!IMG_0285

^Finished the weekend right back where I started. Olympic trials part #2! And I hate to brag but my prediction was SPOT ON! So happy for the new fierce five and cannot WAIT to see them compete in Rio in a few weeks. Does anyone else go crazy for olympics gymnastics?


Weekly Workouts

Welcome to a new weekly series where I share my workouts. This is mostly a fun way for me to keep track of my progress and goals. I also hope that in some small way, by sharing my successes and challenges you will learn something new, be inspired, or, at the very least, be entertained.

IMG_9903 (1)

Seen on Monday’s run


Weekly Workouts (June 20-26, 2016)

Monday – ran 3 miles (10:04/mile average pace), abs (this video)

Tuesday – Flywheel

Wednesday – off

Thursday – off

Friday – off

Saturday – ran 4 miles (10:18/mile average pace)

Sunday – off

THOUGHTS: As I mentioned in my last post, I recently signed up for my first half marathon in October. While official training doesn’t start until mid-July (which I am now realizing is two weeks away, help!), my goal at this point is to build up my number of workout days per week, so that when training does start, my body doesn’t go into total shock.

Another current goal of mine is to incorporate at least one day of cross training and at least one day of yoga into my weekly routine, so that I am not just pounding the pavement. I recently have felt a twinge in my knee, and some annoying back pain, and I know that strengthening my full body as a whole (not solely running) will help with this.

Given all of this, I am okay with how this past week’s workouts went. I would have been VERY happy with this week if I had done some speed work on Thursday and yoga on Sunday. I got very tired towards the end of this week with long work days, a few late nights seeing shows, and PMS — all causing me to be sluggish and crave extra sleep and couch time.

GOAL FOR NEXT WEEK: To have 5 days of workouts on the books. I think I can do it!

INSPIRATION: If you are a fan of gymnastics and have a spare hour on your hands, I highly recommend you check out this documentary about The Ranch built by Bela and Martha Karolyi. I watched it on Sunday (when I was supposed to be at yoga) and thought it was really interesting. I loved following the Fierce Five in London back in 2012, and can’t wait to see who is chosen for the 2016 Olympic team. I will definitely be channeling these ladies’ strength and determination in my workouts this week.

That’s all for now. Have a great week!