10 Photos from a G-Tox Weekend


This past weekend was one of my favorite kinds: I got some time to G-Tox! AKA, my own personal form of detox. When I mention this term to anyone they sort of look like I’m crazy… I think maybe because people associate detoxing with alcohol or sugar or think of it as extreme?

For me personally, G-Tox is time I get to spend by myself, with myself. What other people refer to as “me” time. There is nothing very official about it. Often includes yoga, treats, reading, walking in nature… you get the picture! As an introvert, this time for me to re-charge is super important. The G-Tox this weekend was actually unintentional. D was stuck in the library all weekend with studying and as much as I missed him, I got the gift of a weekend all to myself, which is rare these days. I am so happy it worked out this way as I used to do G-Tox all the time, and forgot how wonderful it can be! Here are some photos from the weekend:

IMG_0230^Kicked off the weekend with happy hour with a bestie #yeswayrose IMG_0233^Friday night olympic trials CSA snacks, fresh from the farm. I watched some crazy fast track leading up to the main event: gymnastics! Is anyone else obsessed? Perfect Friday night at home for me 🙂IMG_0239^My predictions documented on snapchatIMG_0246^Pre-Saturday morning 6-miler (!) lobby selfieIMG_0252^Post-run donut to celebrateIMG_0255^A much needed summer cut, which was followed by a night out to celebrate a friend’s birthday.IMG_0262^What facetiming with my niece often looks like these days.IMG_0275^Sunday yoga sesh at a new spot on the Upper East Side. How pretty is this studio!?IMG_0282^Felt that post-yoga bliss and strolled home through the park. I wish this photo has sound effects — it was so calming to hear the sounds of families laughing and kids playing. Such a pretty night!IMG_0285

^Finished the weekend right back where I started. Olympic trials part #2! And I hate to brag but my prediction was SPOT ON! So happy for the new fierce five and cannot WAIT to see them compete in Rio in a few weeks. Does anyone else go crazy for olympics gymnastics?


11 Photos From the Weekend

5.1^big event on Friday = 14 hour work day. luckily, it was a lot of fun and went by in a flash.
5.2^Saturday morning walk around the ‘hood to break in the new running shoes.
5.3 ^coffee cheers!5.4 ^lunch date in central park and some much-needed catch up with a sweet friend.5.5 ^which led to shopping and a trip to Sprinkles on the way home because we just “happened” to be a block away 😉 5.6 ^Penn State vs. Rutgers / tacos / a side of pumpkin beer. 5.7 ^go PSU! they killed it. 5.8 ^Sunday morning coffee/eggs/banana run. the gal at Dunkin asked me if I was running today, which basically made my morning. I think she was shocked to see me NOT sweaty for once! 5.9 ^we ran a 5K! more on that this week.5.10 ^sunday brunch and the most delicious iced coffee at D’Amore Winebar which is quickly becoming one of our favorite Harlem spots.5.11^Sunday date night. shall we dance?

The weekends always fly by but this one felt particularly short for some reason. Fingers crossed this week is easy on us all. Tell me something you did this weekend! Or something delicious you ate? 

10 Things To Get Us All Caught Up

TGIF! These past few weeks have been eventful and there is so much I could write about, it’s hard to know where to start! Here is a little overview of what I have been up to lately. Apologies in advance… I have a feeling this is bound to jump around a bit.

ONE: The biggest thing in my life recently is… my sister got married! Meg and Ben tied the knot on Friday, August 14 at Jay Peak Resort in VT and I was honored to be co-Maid of Honor, along with our sister Erin. This was seriously one of the most fun weddings I have ever been to. First of all, ski resort in the summer = awesome. We took the tram up to the top of the mountain for photos which was fun and really beautiful. There was a major downpour during the ceremony (luckily we were in a wedding barn) which resulted in a perfect double rainbow. Meg looked radiant (I am in love with her dress!) and it was a perfect day. Congrats Meg and Ben! I can’t wait to see the official pics.

Catchup1 Catchup2

TWO: I went on vacation. We broke up the drive down from Jay (which is all the way up near the border of Canada) with a stop at The Schoolhouse for a few days, where we were met with… ANOTHER double rainbow! We hiked down a gorge and the newlyweds met us at Long Trail Brewery to drink pumpkin beer IN the river. It was a great way to relax and decompress after all of the wedding madness.

Catchup3 Catchup4

THREE: And then I went on more vacation. From VT we drove out to the Cape for the week. D & I spent the first few days in Falmouth in a cottage that we rented through Airbnb. The second half of the week we spent on my parent’s futon in Yarmouth. We did everything: beach, Martha’s Vineyard, P-town, and I think I ate lobster & ice cream every single day 🙂 It was a relaxing and much-needed vacation week.

Catchup5 Catchup6

FOUR: I’ve been running (!!!) A few months ago, D had a few health things come up and we decided it was a good time for us both to get active and clean up our diets. We started couch to 5K and it made me remember just how much I love running, along with waking up early and having a life before the work day. We are now in the FINAL WEEK of couch to 5K and it feels great. Time to sign up for a race!


FIVE: In addition to our morning runs, I wanted focus on some core work. I did a quick search around YouTube for “flat tummy workout” and discovered this video. I love it because it is pretty short (usually I am racing to get in the shower and get to work on time) and definitely makes me feel the burn.

SIX: While on vacation I was looking for something light, easy, and beachy to read and came across The Rumor by Elin Hilderbrand. It is about two families living in Nantucket and what happens  over the course of a summer. If you are looking for a vacation read for these last weeks of summer, this is a great one!


SEVEN: D started his last year of law school this past Monday. I don’t know how he does it: working full time, taking class in the evening, and then studying on the weekends… it is super intense. I am sort of in denial that he is back to school because this means 1. I don’t get to see him as much and 2. fall is just around the corner.

EIGHT: Wedding planning is in the works. We have a date (May 21) and a venue (in Bucks County!) and our save the dates go out next week. It feels good that things are starting to come together.

NINE: This week was sort of a merp week as we transitioned from vacation life back to our busy NYC work lives. On Thursday D & I met for a treat at one of our favorite spots in the hood: Streetbird, a new restaurant by Marcus Samuelsson, and ate ALL the chicken. So good.


TEN: I ended up taking today off since I had one last summer Friday to burn and the office was so quiet with so many people out on vacation. I used the morning to drive out to Newark and sign up for TSA Pre-check. Every time we fly I am super jealous of the TSA Pre-check folks in their special line and I am excited to finally be one of them. NYC peeps: this was super easy! The location in Newark was pretty quiet and the process took me about 10 minutes, including the wait. Excited to use my new status on a trip we have planned for Labor Day weekend.

Happy Weekend! Tell me about what you have coming up this weekend. Any last minute travel plans? What’s your favorite beach read? Favorite vacation treat?